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The daily expense pottery and porcelain such as tea service, tableware consumes

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Rise steadily as what common people lives a living standard, after architectural pottery and afterwards art pottery and porcelain, wholesome pottery and porcelain, making the consumptive main trend of our country stage by stage with the tea service, tableware daily expense pottery and porcelain that give priority to.
Be in our country, did not come a few years, urban and rural development is accelerated, people living standard rises in the round, the implementation of comparatively well-off target, people also adds ceaselessly to the demand of pottery and porcelain, daily expense pottery and porcelain is had more and more collect value. As people opposite the demand of vivid character rises, the demand that waits for things of pottery and porcelain to tea service, tableware also incline to individuation. Grade of culture of daily expense pottery and porcelain is higher and higher, change ceaselessly in absorbing ethical folk-custom culture. At present marriage celebrate, the demand of special pottery and porcelain such as festival, hotel already hasten flourishing.

Develop as the unifinication of world economy, product of foreign pottery and porcelain begins a large number of entering, the home made product outside be being formed stage by stage with in high-grade pottery and porcelain is given priority to, our country with in the market structure that cheap product gives priority to. New ceramics culture studies and Chen Sai of president of Inc. of pottery and porcelain of the sponsor of development center, Tang Shan says, pottery and porcelain of high-grade daily expense is having firm demand to craft of pottery and porcelain, technology and design, with pure the artistic pottery and porcelain that gives priority to with appreciate is different, meed of ancient bronze mirror of be in harmony of daily expense pottery and porcelain is practical at an organic whole, chinese enterprise should be on foundation of culture of successive and traditional pottery and porcelain, with brand-new the concept explains culture of pottery and porcelain, made shirt-sleeve and contemporary aesthetic element, can suit with photograph of interest of modern society vogue, life.

The expert expresses, although China is the birthplace of pottery and porcelain, but the respect waits in the research and development of product of daily expense pottery and porcelain, production and brand promotion, fall at the back of Europe however. Brand consciousness is not strong, connotation of pottery and porcelain is feeble, devoid culture is propped up.

Our country is big country of production of world pottery and porcelain, crop of pottery and porcelain already ranked the world 8 years continuously the first. In recent years, because raw material, oil price rises considerably, export side frequency suffers combat dumping and technical camp block, ceramics is in the crossroad of development. Information of Department of Commerce shows, it is in business of export of 3468 pottery and porcelain of Guangdong, year the manufacturer that exports the forehead to exceed 10 million dollar is less than 1% , our country ceramics urgently transition.
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