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The glamour of conch tableware " pure natural " the bedroom is bright beautiful

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A small conch, also can have big effect. Of appearance of covering of the fan, of gyroidal shape, big, cabinet, in a way is machined, wear rise, trice comes, with respect to the destiny that can escape to be thrown away by conveniently, go up in wall, limelight goes out on the desktop, bright beautiful ground is revealed one time.
Conch of conch bowl + bead piece
The sector conch with large volume, pass special technology pressure stick processing, thoroughly adornment is on wooden bowl wall, such bowl is used rise more environmental protection. And if beautiful bead piece wear rise, make it a curtain, adornment is before the window, the household setting immediateness of southeast Asia amorous feelings appears.
Sea snail rings
If be put in the seaside, you can hear sea voice with it, but in the home in natural style, its good but big. The curtain is buckled, little rings, inornate, conch presents a southeast Asia view with respect to the home that can allow you.
Conch tableware
How need not transform almost, the shell that wants likeness of visible form, size only is OK. Make it of a conch a tableware. Forked, spoon, each have each use, put go up in table, do not have interest one time.