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Beijing qualitative inspect: One-time meal possesses qualification 94.4 %

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Two kinds of one-time tableware are unqualified
The eat box of blue clean company evaporates residual exceed bid be good at beautiful the paper dish that amounts to a company potassium permanganate wastage is unqualified
This morning, supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology released external one-time but degradation meal provides product quality to supervise selective examination result: Two kinds of one-time meal provide a product is to evaporate respectively residual with potassium permanganate wastage unqualified.
This second selectived examination in all 25 one-time meal provide Beijing 36 kinds of products of product production company, eligible 34 kinds, overall sampling percent of pass is 94.4 % . The main quality problem that in selectiving examination, mirrors instead is to evaporate residual with potassium permanganate wastage unqualified.
Evaporate residual index basically is reflective meal container in all sorts of dissolvent (acid of second of 65 % alcohol, 4 % , personal alkyl, water) immerse below can the amount of the substance that dissolve gives. Evaporate residual exceed bid, demonstrative meal is provided in the full-dress wine, material content that feeds the dissolve below the circumstance such as vinegar, oily, soup, water to go out exorbitant; Potassium permanganate wastage exceeds bid, make clear from inside meal container can dissolve goes out, easy the not stable material that is oxidized is too much, if these material are oozy migratory in food, may cause a harm to human body health.
Bureau of city qualitative inspect will be right unqualified in selective examination product, instruct an enterprise to stop production, sale to supervise and urge its are rectified and reform, still concern the basis legal laws and regulations to undertake be investigatinged gravely to its.
Sampling observation gives unqualified product
Company: Trade of labour of Beijing blue clean is finite liability company product: Degradation eat box (F-038) (800 / box, manufacturing date is on January 5, 2006, material is polypropylene)
Problem: Evaporate residual and serious exceed standard set limit to.
Company: Beijing be good at beautiful the trade that amount to labour limited company
Product: "Be good at beautiful amount to " the card is one-time paper dish (10 inches of × 10 / bag, manufacturing date was not tagged, material is chipboard film)
Problem: Potassium permanganate wastage is unqualified.