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The European Union raises goods of edible tableware china to enter city doorsill

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European Union committee dictates to 84/500/EEC date " the performance standard about the china goods that contacts with food and qualified statement " undertook editing. The instruction points out: Since May 20, 2006, the china goods that allows to accord with this instruction is used and have trade; Since May 20, 2007, the china goods that does not accord with this instruction will prohibit produce and be being imported.
New statement is supplementary the likelihood that be produced inside the European Union and sells and the china goods that food contacts must with the written statement that provides by manufacturing business and distributors, the content of statement includes: The identity of manufacturer of final product production and European Union importer mixes china address, the character of china goods, the date of statement, statement china goods accords with this instruction and Europe appoint the relevant requirement of code of meeting 1935/2004 name. Detect via the analysis, lead and cadmium dissolve give a quantity to accord with the china goods of the requirement to answer indicative analysis result, detect the condition, name that carries out detected lab and address. The standard of set limit to of the lead that new statement gives to check of instrument analysis method and cadmium by original it is 4 milligram respectively / litre, 0.3 milligram / litre edit for 0.2 milligram / litre, 0.2 milligram / litre, raise this kind of product to enter the doorsill of European Union market thereby.