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Setting of project of tableware of pulp environmental protection reachs policy

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The 2008 Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention will be held in Beijing, press the requirement that international Olympic committee raises: New century, new Olympic Games, green Olympic Games, environmental protection Olympic Games, healthy Olympic Games, solidarity Olympic Games, this also is the wish of 1.3 billion person of Chinese, it is the tenet of Beijing Olympic Games.
As the vicinity of Olympic Games time, the place establishment related the Olympic Games, traffic and surroundings already started construction in the round, job of comprehensive punish environment already began. The Olympic Games of 2008 environmental protection green that put forward, it is the heat that whole world look pays close attention to. The meal of one-time foamed plastics that administers Beijing provides white pollution to already became heavy head issue, let have fund, have actual strength appear on the market company or group found dinner service of food of one-time green environmental protection to produce base, regard Olympic Games form a complete set as the project already extremely urgent, the project of tableware of pulp environmental protection that this gives Wo Lin international offerred unprecedented tremendous business chance, as a result of the flying development of Chinese economy, life rhythm is accelerated, of one-time things gain ground and already entered a family stage by stage, meal provides the one-time foamed plastics that Beijing uses every year to have 2.5 billion. One-time meal is provided be in while people tape is convenient, also cause serious pollution to destroy to surroundings, to the society the life brings potential harm. Box of food of food of one-time foamed plastics is the contaminative source with the biggest surroundings, because box of food of foamed plastics food is used,value did not reclaim after discarding, also reclaim without the person, hundreds of years cannot degradation.
The railway ministry is in early put forward to administer white of railroad along the line to pollute 1995 " . Pollute the effort that the office leads via administering white, already replaced foamed plastics dinner service entirely with tableware of pulp environmental protection 1998, accumulated advanced experience to administer the pollution of appliance of foamed plastics meal.

1999 national classics trade appoint 6 order, the decision eliminates box of eat of one-time foamed plastics.
2 a year 00 March Beijing consumer society, released caution of the first consumption to make " temperature crosses 65 ℃ foamed plastics tableware is poisonous " , harmful material infiltration food in, system of the liver that meets pair of people, kidney, reproduction, central nervous is caused damage.
On April 23, 2001 national classics trade appoint the industry manages make known to lower levels of the 382nd file " produce dinner service of one-time foamed plastics about stopping instantly " announcement.
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