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Chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association is started " h

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To carry out Comrade Hu Jintao seriously " compose builds harmonious society " serious talk spirit, implement construction department in the round " commodity house is decorated one-time reach the designated position " decorate policy, the service that outstanding trade organization regards industry government as main body, directive, function that coordinate and controls, via approval of chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association, residence of finished product of chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association popularizes a center (the following abbreviation " center " ) the decision faces countrywide estate and building adornment industry to begin " hutch defends a ministry to taste promotion " the job (the following abbreviation " promotion works " ) . "Promotion works " the demand news of unit of company of the estate company that has effective demand through defending the throughout the country the ministry to taste to hutch, adornment, design undertakes checking seriously with effective conformity, form pair of hutch to defend a ministry to taste supply the buyer's market with powerful enterprise. The harmonious mechanism with promotion effective job at the same time integrated construction of domestic estate development, interior decoration decorates design and construction, ministry to taste the industrial catenary such as production and sale the relevant advantage resource of each domain, negotiate through holding meeting, indent is met and bid a variety of activity forms such as the meeting, compose is built with estate development construction, adornment designs construction, the promotion of new material new product and the member that application joins are made " industrial catenary convert " " the place is bit righter " sale mode. My center will lend this platform, the crucial factor that the influence company such as the technology that protects a ministry to taste production and sale business for hutch, talent, content shedding, capital grows is offerred comprehensive and wide support and answer program, do in order to help member unit big, do strong. Promotion job defends a ministry to tasted production and sale business to offer a kind for hutch brand-new, low investment, high income, uncontested serves platform, unit of the member that the center will be organized through system, effective ground and the estate company that come from the whole nation and adornment company are in charge of personnel high to reach the form such as forum, seminar to be spent every year with bender, study communication, view and emulate at least with 1500 estate company, adornment company. Member unit can obtain more and accurate policy information through this platform, make member unit knows the development way of residential property and building adornment industry in the round in time, so that more accurate assurance is mixed,enlarge an enterprise to develop a space, promotion job popularizes a center to sponsor by residence of finished product of chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association, beijing is installed assist fine carry brand manages advisory center to undertake, light product quality ensures center, each place to build hutch of adornment and association of trade of outfit cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, China to protect the concerned medium such as net of project business affairs in foundation of Chinese protection consumer, China assist do, the hutch that welcomes home to accord with a standard defends a ministry to taste reach product of form a complete set to produce sale business to be declared actively participate in promotion to work, about detail accessory requesting an audience. The ministry tastes promotion specific explanation job is in charge of by the center. Advisory phone: 010-64674466/64626798 (telephone exchange) turn 315, 84540120 010-88082635 fax: 010-64674900 network address: Accessory of Http:// one: The announcement accessory that defends a ministry to taste promotion to work about the industry decorating to begin hutch in countrywide estate and building 2: Accessory of enterprise qualification application form 3: The material limits accessory that declares an enterprise to must refer 4: "Hutch defends a ministry to taste promotion " center of promotion of residence of finished product of chamber of commerce of estate of business association of whole nation of of working operating rules two years on April 2

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