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Total bureau of national qualitative check: Jug of two kinds of electric heat is

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The country pledges check total bureau issued a warning 25 days: The state that has in quality of product of hot to report jug is supervised in selectiving examination, its sample percent of pass is only 82.6% .

As we have learned, the main quality problem of discovery in selectiving examination includes: To touching of live part defend do not accord with standard requirement, power input the structural presence blemish that unqualified, humidity does not accord with standard requirement, blame to work not to accord with standard requirement, product normally, power source join and exterior flexible cord are not accorded with, bring about in use easy cause get an electric shock, the danger such as short circuit.

Dongfeng of city of industrial limited company, Zhongshan presses down Zhejiang China Er renown circle in the air because electric equipment factory produces character to measure presence a variety of problems are made public exposure.