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Common occurance of ambry industry false environmental protection, false attesta

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Indoor air formaldehyde exceeds the thing of mark to often happen, and a when ambry produces formaldehyde just about main source. The reporter investigates discovery, produce a cupboard that also serves as a table of formaldehyde not less, it is not the environmental protection, brand that making environmental protection banner however.

   Did not amount to mark to also dare weigh environmental protection

The reporter sees in the ambry area that lives in the market, the environmental protection that business door provides detects certificate is mostly " lumber detects report " or " door plank detects report " , have not appear the environmental protection of whole cabinet detects certificate. Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, of ambry course of study " false environmental protection " basically have two kinds. A kind of circumstance is to risk with environmental protection standard. Reach E0 level than praising the board of the product like manufacturer of a few ambry, compare E0 level repeatedly actually low the E1 standard of one class was not achieved. Content of formaldehyde of dissociate of E1 class plank accords with the environmental protection requirement of ambry already completely, and E0 plank ambry because cost is high, see rarely in home. Another kind of circumstance is ambry manufacturer beautiful money exchanges attestation of false environmental protection, a salesperson that does not wish to disclose a full name is pointing to some orgnaization to issue " " product of environmental protection of Chinese outstanding green " certificate " tell a reporter, acquiring this certificate company should make money.

   Attestation charge still can cut price

The reporter sees, the attestation certificate that appears on ambry market also is multifarious: Famous brand recommends a product, on qualification of 30 award of brand of a list of names posted up, special contribution, quality is at ease for goods brand, consumer trusted Chinese quality most 2006 satisfaction of 500 strong, users is spent recommend 10 old brands to wait a moment. A chief of department of ambry business market tells a reporter, annual 3 come to will be reached in May 8 to these a few ambry will sell busy season in October, they can get the fax that informs attestation in great quantities and telephone call. The is subordinate of adornment association, chamber of commerce more material committee that contacts this matter, research organization, still have a few authoritative medium even. Their some says attestation is free, but should investigate a qualification first, what collection differs 500 yuan to 5000 yuan want after passing " certificate makes cost " . Say according to this controller, attestation charge still can cut price, "Last an association calls come, our manager chops 3000 yuan from 10 thousand yuan " .
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