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New standard: Of affirmatory whole kitchen " 3 surround "

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Speak of had entered what examine and approve a program finally " residential whole kitchen " standard, what do not conceal on the face that builds Lin Runquan of director of institute of technology of ministry kitchen toilet is excited and proud: "I think, this standard is the great good work of a boundless beneficence! This standard is the great good work of a boundless beneficence!!

The kitchen regards the central activity of domesticity as the area, often also become problem and troublesome and most place in decorate. Generally speaking, the kitchen is decorated in the trouble of one part comes from at cop, interface, catchment these " poor an iota, erroneous with a thousand li " little place, does the trouble of another part come from do not match? ? Freezer does not have a place to put, no less than microwave oven are put to wait a moment in the cabinet that has made. Appear because build,the reason of these problems is of the house, make refrigerator, the has each each level that produces a cupboard that also serves as a table, the product that did not consider oneself is to want to put those who use together with the product of the other side. To the negligence of sex of form a complete set, it is the prime cause of all problems is in the kitchen.

Lin Runquan thinks, " residential whole kitchen " the bridge that the standard will build branch and hutch to defend equipment manufacturer join to rise namely, sex of form a complete set and versatility are the guiding ideology of this standard. " residential whole kitchen " once the standard is carried out, the trouble of afore-mentioned two parts will exist no longer. "Resolved these troubles, we helped consumer save a heart, side society decreased 2 times many to decorate the rubbish of generation, help in the kitchen defended equipment manufacturer to save additional design cost, don't this still calculate boundless beneficence? Don't this still calculate boundless beneficence??

Lin Runquan tells a reporter, " residential whole kitchen " standard above all normative the dimension of the kitchen, later all building architectural kitchen will have 20 only a variety of door model, of every kitchen " 3 surround " have fixed measure. On this foundation, the standard still stipulated every are planted kitchen door the kitchen decorates a form, namely of of all kinds galley equipment put the position and volume. Had this level " 3 surround " watch, building branch saved many power on the design of the kitchen, construction, and the family that galley equipment manufacturer needs to expend be scared ground to go to each greatly no longer goes measuring, design alone for its again next, make.

Lin Runquan thinks, to ambry production company, " residential whole kitchen " of the standard publish the new turning point that will bring industrialization for its. He discloses, they once random and draw-out 30 villages, discovered 253 kinds of kitchen door unexpectedly model. Of so much door model design and measure cost what bring to ambry enterprise to be able to be imagined. And Li Xiuxiu of secretary-general of committee of major of ambry of chamber of commerce of course of study of upholster of countrywide business association also points out, at present major ambry enterprise is to come a client, be about to be measured, design, next again reset mould, make again. Standardization will save next many measurement, design, made cost for ambry enterprise, need not worry about the problem that does not deserve to cover again. Come so, company ability walks along dimensions spend manufacturing period truly.
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