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New cabinet standard carries out course of study of ambry of a year of home to s

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Make jointly by committee of association of Chinese hardware products and standardization of bureau of national ability inspect " level of state of family expenses galley equipment " already promulgated carry out a year many, this standard asks from industry term, current technology, experiment method and examine 4 respects such as regulation and design and installation made specific provision, it is the notional definition of integral galley equipment: The work station that undertakes cooking activity place is configured in the family, cistern, ambry, relevant appliance and functional hardware combination.
Current situation of galley equipment trade of the  in the time in a year this many how? The executive circumstance of this state level how? Feldspathic Seng Lan is opposite secretary of association of Chinese hardware products this makes a reply.
Whether does metric system accord with an industry to expand a demand surely
As people living standard rise, and of the development of market economy and residential commercialization pace accelerate, galley equipment causes the attention of people more and more. Before machine of a smoking, one table cooker is provided and the combination with a simple cupboard already cannot be satisfied use, also had combination of many form a complete set then, namely the birth of integral kitchen concept.
Why be made to the national level of family expenses galley equipment by association of Chinese hardware products? Stone secretary-general says, "This should be mentioned from its functional sex. For instance: Platoon lampblack machine, dishwasher, kitchen is provided, the hinge that put oneself in another's position of as oven, cistern, faucet, of all kinds as conduit connective valve and pipe fitting connect, cabinet is linked together, pull basket, slideway to wait, it is indispensable component, namely the component of functional sex. Can say, the product of 70 % is in hardware products industry, considered the history and feasibility condition, the country standardizes technical committee to give consortium of Chinese hardware products the national level make known to lower levels of integral galley equipment also is more reasonable. Although national level is made by our guild, but the modernization of residential kitchen establishment, systematization, form a complete set is changed and absolutely a branch can not finish standardization, it is project of a system, need a certain number of the industry cooperates each other, the support that needs a government sector and supervise necessarily, ability of fluctuation joint efforts comes true.

We know galley equipment is the ministry in residential establishment is tasted, be in same on industrial catenary, only mutual form a complete set is mixed " significant link " ability accelerates development rate.
The technology of the respect such as grade of the term that this standard first time consolidated industry of galley equipment of family expenses whole inside countrywide limits, norms, function, quality and design and installation asks the leader evaluation of ministry of  state criterion review says, this is current the most authoritative standard in product of domestic galley equipment, also be top level and the national level that have very strong maneuverability, order of production, normative to direct trade industry has very good stimulative effect.
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