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Annatto furniture, one-time chopstick includes " improvement trade prohibits kin

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Annatto furniture, one-time chopstick includes " improvement trade prohibits kind of catalogue "

These wood such as annatto furniture, one-time chopstick will be not gotten make buccal trade at will. Total bureau of environmental protection of total office of Department of Commerce, customs, country was released jointly recently " improvement trade prohibits kind of catalogue " , will carry out at will rising on November 22. Partial natural resources is scarce be short of model the product of poisonous and product and low administrative levels, harmful, low additional cost, was included prohibit the list of foreign trade.
Share 804 kinds of products this to be included to prohibit catalog, prohibit importing among them have 77 kinds, prohibit exporting have 503 kinds, imports and exports all illicit has 224 kinds. Forbidden commodity great majority is coal, natural gas, rare metal, woodiness is tasted wait for the poisonous and harmful material such as resource sex product and pesticide. To consumer, the wood with wide application most closely related, wait like annatto furniture, one-time chopstick prohibiting exporting.

But also point out in catalog, afore-mentioned wood use the exclusion that imports timber.
As we have learned, release such catalog to aim to protect rare be short of environment of resource, protection, stimulative improvement trade is transferred to the product of content of high additional cost, hi-tech. Of this policy whether to come on stage to you can be opposite does the market of annatto furniture spending of this locality produce an effect? The reporter understood from the furniture market of Hangzhou yesterday, annatto furniture shows the sign that sells popular, price to go tall in recent years. Annatto furniture pledges because of material precious, craft is masterly, more the rich culture connotation that includes because of it, become current pursuit to live in the snap up target of grade and culture connotation personage.

According to furniture the expert inside sale line of business introduces, true annatto is very precious already, our country already had annatto resource rarely, now, produce the raw material that annatto furniture place needs, great majority should be imported from South America, Africa, southeast Asia, the price is quite high. And the furniture that entrance lumber makes does not accept this catalog restriction, accordingly, if odd from true annatto furniture for, estimate this policy carry out won't cause big effect to annatto manufacturer, also won't bring apparent change to supply demand relations of market of furniture of this locality annatto.

It is reported, in recent years our country should release similar catalogue every year, henceforth, prohibit to improvement trade kind of catalogue still will execute trends to adjust about policy according to the country.
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