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Problem of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances calls new standard mo

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Change with each passing day of design of stainless steel product, but relevant specification is relatively comfortable to requirement of main body material. One when Guangdong saves selectives examination make clear, the product is unqualified scale is close 7 into
A few days ago, guangdong saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to be opposite the stainless steel goods of sale of provincial and current domain has 3 quarters monitor show, in accepting the kitchen utensils and appliances of 52 batch stainless steel that selective examination, eligible 16 batch, unqualified scale is 69.2 % . Guangdong province is industrial and commercial chief expresses related management board, according to QB/T2174-199 5 " stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances " examine standard, it is relatively comfortable to the requirement of material of main body of kitchen utensils and appliances, but the fraction defective that still has 38.5 % , and anti-corrosive ability fraction defective is 28.8 % .
Awkward is, develop rapid stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, the light industry standard that accepting what when detecting, use still was 1995, and be less than the percent of pass of 70% only. If use international standard to measure, what kind of state can you be? In what crucial point is course of study of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances put after all?
New standard still did not give heat " when having chaffy dish, want two spoon at least commonly, a spoon, a strainer. You see this spoon that I design, right deviation is strainer 15 degrees, left 15 degrees can hit boiling water again. Have chaffy dish with this, a spoon is enough. " a few days ago, appoint by federation of Chinese light industry, QB/T2174 of occupation standard of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances is in charge of solely in the whole nation, Qing Hong of 95 castigatory Xiamen is industrial Huang Qingjie of limited company general manager, describe his new idea so. "Two spoon change one spoon " rear, reflect the change of world-shaking of product of kitchen utensils and appliances of our country stainless steel however.
Reporter from understand with all possible means, be in early 2004, federation of Chinese light industry allots " about print and distribute < light industry was made 2004 edit project of national level, occupation standard plans > announcement " , QB/T2174-95 " stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances " the standard edits the project includes a plan, number is Q2004- 109T. According to center of standardization of hardware of countrywide daily expense relevant personage introduces, as a result of international ISO8442: The main technique index in 1997 series standard is advanced, reasonable, be helpful for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, be helpful for conforming with international, draw close to world level, also suit our country national condition and trade current situation at the same time, revise certainly so use ISO8442: Standard of 1997 series international, the specialized standard of national close also cites as far as possible in the meantime, make a standard more advanced, comprehensive, reasonable, the technology progresses and improve product quality in order to promote, drive industry of kitchen utensils and appliances of our country stainless steel to develop further, stride international to have a kind first.
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