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Hutch of international of the 5th Shanghai defended high-quality goods to exhibi

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Hutch of international of the 5th Shanghai defended high-quality goods to exhibit 2006
What belong to an industry: Building, building materials
Show time: On August 18, 2006, 21 days
Sponsor an unit: Guild of Shanghai housing materials
Contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
Undertake unit: Contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
Exhibition of Shanghai nine region serves limited company
Exhibit a place: Shanghai new international reads extensively center
Program arrangement: 1, report for duty time: 26 years on August 16
2, cloth extends time: 26 years on August 16, 17 days
3, showpiece time: 26 years on August 18, 21 days
1, lead hutch to defend development, drive supply and demand to interact postpone meeting brief introduction:
People asks to living in adornment nowadays taller and taller, the hutch that savours to representing vogue and host defended adornment to reach slashing level even, no matter home or international hutch protect a company,be in accordingly new material of ceaseless research and development, raise design level, enhance a service, with satisfying the requirement of people ceaselessly, achieve the goal of occupational, development market. The contention the force with which sth breaks out that hutch defends the market is feral let person historical materials it seems that not as good as. Internationally metropolitan Shanghai was to gather to come from the brand of hundreds of international such as Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Korea more, the domestic famous brand of together with too numerous to mention one by one, shanghai is becoming hutch to defend the vane of the industry.
Conduct action to make this vane develops his better, guild of Shanghai housing materials hand in hand limited company of exhibition of contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group makes the kitchen with countrywide the largest scale defend exhibition jointly. Center ginseng of domestic international brand to exhibit, hold excellent design appraise through comparison, forum of high standards major. With industry communication and grow for the tenet, design and look into for the trend, make manufacturing company intuitionistic reveal, drive buy the home to sell the home to interact, the person that let purchase is participated in, let cooperate participating in with in revealing, reach.
Current exhibition will forward " internationalization, standardization, famous brand is changed " way develops, with brand-new attitude, outstanding service, giant buy group and rich academic communication mobile dedication gives traveling trader attending the meeting, the newest product in showing an industry, technology and equipment, current exhibition will reveal current international in the round newest industry trends and development trend, explore cooperative project to postpone business, extend the market to offer first-rate opportunity.  
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