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Hotel of the 4th Shanghai sets store exhibition

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One, exhibit meeting general situation
Shanghai is our country's biggest commerce city, hotel, wine shop is numerous. As the day that world rich can run in Shanghai 2010 closer and closer, the demand of things of the meal equipment of Shanghai, guesthouse, clean things is increasing also. To satisfy the demand of the market and the communication that strengthen an industry ceaselessly, we hold fair of things of facilities of hotel of the 4th Shanghai on September 2006 definitely. Before we welcome to concern a personage, will join exhibit or look around.
2, extend meeting program arrangement:
1, 28-29 day manufacturer reported for duty in August 2006, cloth is exhibited (in the morning 9 when to afternoon 5 when) ;
2, in August 2006 30-9 month 1 day of travelling merchant negotiate order goods;
3, on September 1, 2006 afternoon 4 when remove exhibit.
3, exhibit meeting conduct propaganda:
1, sponsor an orgnaization to concern extensive connection domestic and internationally the media such as professional the press, magazine, website, broadcast, release the information of this meeting and advertisement in great quantities.
2, presswork to be met originally entrance ticket, invitation, agency of things of orgnaization of investment of place of orgnaization of the hotel restaurant to countrywide each district, large meal, large public place of entertainment, health body, hotel, hotel is sent, before inviting them, will look around order goods.
4, exhibit a rate:
1, the standard of every 9 square metre is exhibited, receive a RMB 5800 yuan, exhibit inside match electrical outlet of an a 2 pieces of one Zhang Tai, stool, smooth canal, power source, company name lintel board.
2, smooth ground, every 9 square metre, receive a RMB 5200 yuan, do not deserve to exhibit provide and power source.
5, ginseng extend product range:
Tableware of all sorts of machinery of appliance of galley equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, food, roast equipment, self-help equipment, refrigerant refrigerating equipment, ice machine, Chinese and Western, ceramic, glass service, dishwasher, make beer oneself harbour of equipment, refrigeratory, vivid seafood raises equipment, ice-cream machine, beverage machine, coffee.
6, the item that enterprise ginseng signing up exhibits an attention:
1, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to must fill in " ginseng extend application form " , the fax after building company order or mail send me the company.
2, my company is received " ginseng extend application form " hind, exhibit an enterprise to sign an agreement to join namely.
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