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Building materials of Hong Kong international reachs equipment exhibition

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ByHong Kong commerce is development bureau, medium exhibit China harbor international to exhibit limited company to sponsor " housing materials of Hong Kong international and construction machinery exhibition " will come 30 days to read extensively in international of Hong Kong Asia on October 27, 2006 the house is held, should exhibit Hong Kong of meeting general base oneself upon, rely on outback economy most the area of Pearl River delta that develop, radiation Asia-Pacific, the international major that faces the world is exhibited meeting, will reveal the product of company image, propaganda paterial card, sales promotion and technology, optimal platform that seeks international to cooperate for home and worldwide building and building materials course of study. Henceforth a few years, hong Kong government will have 90 multinomial the public construction project that plans to build begins to begin construction in the round, total investment is as high as 3 billion dollar; The area of art of Xi Jiulong entertainment that still amounts to build floor area 40 hectare, one includes to be able to be accommodated inside the area least of 100 thousand person act art the place, museum that comprises by 4 museum group reach theater of day of theater, sea, square and artistic center to wait for key establishment, total investment restrains 330 million dollar. Exhibition introduction 1, exhibit meeting name: Housing materials of Hong Kong international and equipment exhibition 2, hold time: Came 30 days on October 27, 2006 3, hold a place: International of Hong Kong Asia reads extensively house 4, limits of item on display: Stone material, pottery and porcelain, floor, wall of door window act, building hardware, coating paint, elevator stair, solar energy equipment, construction machinery, building materials machinery, lock of lamps and lanterns, defend bath establishment, galley equipment, air conditioning of heat addition refrigeration, electric equipment, how to defend a product, furniture. Contact means: China International commerce promotes committee to build address of industry branch postcode: Road of 3 lis of rivers builds 100835 Beijing 9 numbers ministry building fax: 010-58933930 phone: 010-88385614 contact: To fragrant day connects a telephone call Saturday: (13811362355) contacts mailbox: (have multilateral exhibition news additionally, welcome to hang down ask)