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06 China uncover this world (international) exposition of goods of hardware stai

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Jie Yang (international) exposition of goods of hardware stainless steel will this year on November 1 - products of Jie Yang hardware of Jie Yang city is saved 3 days to trade in Guangdong the center is held ceremoniously, bencibo is seen can sponsor by association of products of hardware of government of people of Jie Yang city, China, uncover east products of the bureau of trade of classics of the prefectural people government, city that uncover this world, hardware that uncover this world trades the center undertakes, exhibit meeting exhibition area nearly 50 thousand square metre, can install international standard to exhibit 1500 many, ginseng postpone a business many 1000, it is another name for Guangdong Province east area dimensions the exposition of goods of hardware stainless steel with the the biggest, biggest norms.

The each preparation job of exposition is already at present main be in order. In flutter respect, the international standard of the setting that exhibit a house extends an all already lease. The respect invites in what purchase business, exposition organizing committee and products of the hardware that uncover this world trade the itinerate promotion that the center has length amounting to 4 many months in the whole nation, each big mainstream media that includes a CCTV inside undertook conduct propaganda, now already to home nearly 100 thousand invitation letter were issued outside travelling merchant, wide exposition will look around before inviting goods of stainless steel of domestic and international hardware to produce company of enterprise, agency, professional user, foreign trade purchase, the travelling merchant that predicts to will have more than 50 thousand person-time at the appointed time is present look around purchase.

The history that the hardware that uncover this world produces is long, qing Kangxi period, uncovered Yang Xianmin to begin a foot to step the career of bellows forge iron. It is one of main birthplace of culture of our country hardware. Since reforming and opening, the hardware that uncover this world got rapidder development, realized mechanization and automation production, have one large quantities of having the manufacturing facilities of advanced level mixes international detect equipment. Content of hardware product science and technology rises quickly, preliminary came true to produce, learn, grind the pattern that work of one continuous line, trade sells unifinication. The brand is driven, bibcock is pulled move, the technology is driven, the industry is interactive... today's Jie Yang already developed for China product of the oldest hardware stainless steel produces one of base, industry of products of hardware stainless steel is one of whole city's biggest pillar industries. Whole town has goods of hardware stainless steel to produce a business many 3000, year sale overtakes 100 million yuan of industries nearly 20, overtake 50 million yuan of industries nearly 40, year sale many yuan 160, 32% what take industry of complete province hardware. The product covers a construction hardware, adornment hardware, daily expense hardware, tool hardware, lock hardware, agricultural ten class such as gardens hardware, aluminous goods, stainless steel goods 1000 many breed, quality is good, technology is distinctive, decorating goods of hardware, building hardware, daily expense hardware, stainless steel to wait is the characteristic kind that significant position and bigger market effect have inside the industry, especially stainless steel goods has larger market share in home, it is one of base of the throughout the country's biggest production of stainless steel goods. Hardware stainless steel produces comment on to be national famous brand 1, province famous brand 7, industry name tagvisiting card 9, famous label 6, famous label 31.
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