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Exposition of small commodities of international of 2006 China justice black

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Exhibition period 2006-10-22~2006-10-26Exhibit meeting site Chinese small commodities city can exhibit a center (Chinese Zhejiang Wang Lu of justice black guest 301)Network address Click here visit homepage Connect a telephone call 86-579-5415888Fax 86-579-5415777Postpone meeting brief introduction

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Establish 1995 " justice rich is met " had held 11 continuously. It promotes union of trade of federation of light industry of committee, China, China to wait for combination to sponsor by commerce of government of people of province of Department of Commerce, Zhejiang, China International.

"Justice rich is met " do exhibit characteristic bright, internationalization level is outstanding, information function is driving, service system is perfect, safe and wholesome safeguard reachs the designated position, make exposition with power establishment the brand exhibits the position of the meeting, justice rich already can be become at present home implements scale most, the daily expense consumable of the the most influential, richest effect is exhibited meeting, it is home the afterwards that holds by Department of Commerce is wide hand in meeting, china hand in meeting hind the 3rd exhibit greatly meeting, the congress in be being judged to be 2002 year early or late exhibits property event of 10 big news, 10 big nova of Chinese were exhibited 2003 meeting, one of 2004 China optimal exhibition.

2006 justice gain will be minute data:

2006 justice rich can set 9 exhibition halls in all more than kinds of 20 commodity, it is vogue act the role ofing is tasted respectively / articles for use of gift of fittings, craft, household, sports is recreational things, culture and education / wrapping of electric equipment of hardware of cap of shoe of office things, knitting, daily expense, electron, box is provided, toy, make up catharsis, sports is recreational information of things, network.
Show an area: 90, 000 square metre
International standard exhibits: 4, 000
Ginseng extend company number: 2, many 000
The trafficker outside the condition: 15, 000 people
Domestic and international major buys a group: The commerce outside sharing 80 above condition purchases a group, 20 above cross a state retail group

2005 justice rich meet grand occasion:

Exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 8.098 billion yuan of RMBs, than previous term or session justice rich can grow 10.9% , trade of its China and foreign countries clinchs a deal the forehead is 661 million dollar, 65.3% what occupy assembly to pay the specified amount. Attend exhibit the professional audience of the meeting to amount to 83363 people, among them audience of the major outside the condition 14269 people, grow 15.9% than previous term or session, come from 158 countries and area respectively. In the travelling merchant outside the condition, come from Euramerican travelling merchant to occupy 40% above.
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