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Things exhibits table of international of 2007 China justice black

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2007Things exhibits table of international of Chinese justice black

The corresponding period holds handicraft of international of the 4th justice black, gift and home reside things exhibition

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Time: On March 10, 2007 - 12 days

Place: Chinese small commodities city can exhibit a center

(Chinese Zhejiang visits region of king of guest of justice black city 301)

Market limits: Internationally

Hold cycle: Annual one

Predicting dimensions: Exhibit an area 17, 000

Media support: " Alibaba " / " in net of Europe classics trade "

Congress journal: " international handicraft information "

Show Website URL: Http://

Exhibit meeting setting

Mensal things, hutch defends articles for use is the basiccest family consumable in people society life, accordingly it wants as the change of market demand ceaseless development to update necessarily. As the growth of income of townsman family economy, the standard of living of people rises generally, especially the abidance that the residence consumes warms up, the kitchen is being decorated on excelsior while also had gained ground stage by stage in mensal with each passing day things, take home of common common people gradually.
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