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The 100th China exports a trade fair (wide hand in meeting)- - the 2nd period

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Time: The 2nd period on October 25, 2006, 30 days
Place: Pa continent exhibits a house (bead area reads sea of Chinese · Guangzhou Jiang Zhonglu 380)
Road drifting a flower exhibits a house (Chinese · Guangzhou sheds beautiful route 117)
Showpiece content: Industry kind spin dress kind reach medical health protection kind category of ceremony of category of daily expense spending

China exports a trade fair, say again wide hand in meeting, establish December 1957, annual two Ji Zaian cities run year, heretofore already had nearly 50 years of histories, it is China the history is the at present longest, administrative levels highest, dimensions the biggest, type of merchandise is the most complete, to meeting travelling merchant most, clinch a deal the grand meeting of omnibus international trade with best effect.

Wide hand in can trade by 50 round composition, have thousands of financial condition place of courtyard of company of the foreign trade company with good, rich actual strength, production, scientific research, foreign trader invests / ginseng of solely invested enterprise, private enterprise is exhibited.

Wide make meeting commerce way agile diversity, divide a tradition outside seeing appearance clinch a deal, still hold the Fair on the net. Wide hand in can give priority to with export trade, also do import business, return the economic technology collaboration that can develop a variety of forms and communication, and trade supervision, safe, carry, advertisement, seek advice wait for business activity. The travelling merchant that comes from world each district gathers Guangzhou, each other connects market conditions, promotional friendship.