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2007 China (Shenzhen) international hutch defends brand exhibition

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"10 large famous kitchen of Chinese protect a trademark " choose 2007 China (Shenzhen) international hutch defends brand exhibition Time: In April 2007 5 - 8 days of places: Shenzhen can be exhibited the center sponsors an unit:Government of people of city of Shenzhen of association of science and technology of China of association of Chinese building adornment undertakes unit: Shenzhen city state exhibits city of Shenzhen of association of science and technology to sign up for group of TV of film of broadcasting of city of trade group Shenzhen assist run an unit: Government of energy-saving committee of experts of city of Shenzhen of association of science and technology builds stage, enterprise to act in a Chinese opera, "The meeting that build rich " greeted new development space China (Shenzhen) exposition of international science life (abbreviation " Kebohui " ) , sponsor jointly by association of Chinese science and technology and government of Shenzhen city people, it is government of Shenzhen city people hold in the success " hand in high meeting " " Wen Bo is met " later, the exposition of another super-heavyweight international that makes again (Kebohui) , will hold every year April, exhibit meeting with " implement scientific progress concept in the round, aggrandizement loop economy grows consciousness " to hold an end! Will implement scientific progress concept in the round, with " resource managing, environment lives friendly, civilized production, scientificly " for the theme, set " prospective house, intelligence house, news room, environmental protection house, energy-saving house " wait for characteristic to exhibit an area. Through revealing domestic and international product of household of newest energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligence and structure are energy-saving product and new material, new technology, offer communication, cooperation for the enterprise, trade platform, the unripe generation that encourages science consumes kind alive, urge our country further the healthy and rapid development of energy-saving, environmental protection and circular economy career! The 13rd China (Shenzhen) fair of trade of international building building materials (abbreviation " the meeting that build rich " ) pass old effort, won care of social all circles and support! In Shenzhen municipal government new round of meeting is exhibited give aid to in the job, as most the building building materials that press close to lives is attached most importance to to order supportive project by establish of Shenzhen municipal government! Agree with and take seriously what get Shenzhen municipal government, will " the meeting that build rich " with " Kebohui " label the corresponding period to be in can exhibit a center to hold, help strength further " the meeting that build rich " make Shenzhen famous brand can be exhibited! Already got global numerous business at present support energetically, join if data set of international of group of American Tsinghua center, United States is round,postpone business signing up (IDG) real estate of business of center of industry of environmental protection of center of industry of investment of group, Korea, Germany, 10 thousand divisions, action, with write down Huang Bu, Fuji. Prospective housing will pay attention to environmental protection, energy-saving, safe, health more. The main task that prospective building faces is " take protection seriously environment, reduce energy to use up, pay attention to safe system " . Main body project is exhibited- - 2007 China (Shenzhen) international hutch defends brand exhibition, will clutch the popular trend of industry of current building materials, reveal hutch to defend in the round wait for environmental protection home of vogue of energy-saving building materials assembles an element. With environmental protection energy-saving product attachs most importance to a dot, pay close attention to modern science to live, extend hutch actively to protect relevant industry. Filmdom of China of example of autograph of golden a list of names posted up has Oscar reward, popular music has case Lai beautiful reward, bound of finance and economics has 500 strong pop chart... every industry has the authoritative arena that shows respective actual strength and influence. Autograph of golden a list of names posted up, example China, creat brand, transmission value. The meeting that build rich also will roll out environmental protection ceremoniously the starlight arena of energy-saving household product -- " China / 10 large famous kitchen defend Shenzhen brand a list of names posted up " , for China household industry compose builds baronial transmission platform, more the health that do one's best promotes China to live in an industry with the force of example develops. Aim to defend industry appraise through comparison through hutch, hutch of introductory our country defends the real accomplishment of the industry, it is to promote a trade, the significant move of indication industry actual strength, deepen the outside to protect an industry to our country hutch the understanding of powerful actual strength, pass the communication of professional personage inside the industry, make the company can grow to the industry the trend has clear knowledge and can how-to scientific research develops way. China builds rich can be Chinese household industry the industry height that has authority most is met, it will be become reveal, inspect Chinese environmental protection the fashionable coordinate of energy-saving household industry, it is the roll booster that high speed of energy-saving household career boosts Chinese environmental protection and prosperity develops! "China / 10 large famous kitchen defend Shenzhen brand " " hutch of 10 big green environmental protection protect a trademark " " 10 large kitchen of Chinese defend economic year man of the time " recommend detailed rules of a list of names posted up: [award characteristic] 1, national activity, by Shenzhen city city of group signing up for course of study, Shenzhen is broadcasted the conduct propaganda that the media of more than 40 mainstreams that film TV group and each big core city encircles comprises is allied, bend force throws conduct propaganda; 2, sign up through business offer one's services, by China the building decorates the director such as association of science and technology group of unit composition expert undertakes authority is chosen; Selection result is in Shenzhen the mainstream media such as special zone newspaper is official show, hold royal prize-giving ceremony in the hall of Shenzhen citizen center that can hold on 1000 people! This will be the best arena that enterprise of brand of bear the palm shows adequately, city of each channel, Shenzhen signs up broadcasting station of Shenzhen TV station, Shenzhen the reporter of hundreds China and foreign countries such as trade group will witness this history hour together! 3, authority is chosen, director leader is visited, the high-level leader that the industry organizes related city of the officer unit such as government of people of city of association of association of adornment of building of national construction ministry, China, Chinese science and technology, Shenzhen and mainstream is attended. The expert inside course of study gathers, media of industry elite assemble, mainstream joins in, make this second activity has all-time authority and public letter power. [evaluate a standard] 1. Accord with national industry policy, have own intellectual property, innovation sex is the new technology that Jiangjushi highlights with the effect, new material, new product, new craft; 2. Accord with green to build project application requirement and product to produce demand of energy-saving environmental protection; 3. Have high-tech content, achieve home to be the same as the advanced level of type project; 4. Have benefit of remarkable promotion economic benefits, society and environmental beneficial result. [participating data] 1, trade catalogue and exterior photograph (or small-sized objective sample) ; 2, company business charter or achievement calibration certificate (Xerox) ; 3, the country maintains detect orgnaization issued near future quality detects report; 4, bear the palm, patent and the relevant character data that pass ISO attestation, and manufacturing licence; 5, product operation instruction handbook and product production implement a standard; 6, company general situation and product system. The paper that use A4 is printed and add CD, in the ~ since this day the express delivery inside 2007.3.1 time signing up is sent to the organizing committee or hair mail contest is judged. [participating charge] : This second choose for commonweal sex, authority. Adopt Kebohui's platform, the brand product that chooses an environmental protection, energy-saving, safe, health, become governmental management department, estate to develop agency of business, housing materials, building to design company of engineering of program, construction, finance to invest the unit such as the orgnaization to purchase compass. Selection activity certificate of evaluation of expert of announcement of collection conduct propaganda, organization, prize-giving celebration, medal makes charge, jin Bang " China 10 big " collection 3800 yuan, jin Bang " Shenzhen 10 big " collection 1800 yuan, if did not criticize the company that go up, primary fund is returned. All sorts of ark of ark of hutch of kitchen of whole of limits of item on display, compositive kitchen, whole, integral chest, wall, ambry are plank, lubricious electric equipment of form a complete set of Li Shi, kitchen; Small electric equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, kitchen provides all sorts of kitchens, wine of cooking utensils, kitchen burning gas, meal is provided, equipment of cleanness of machine of lampblack suction a platoon, kitchen and things; Furniture of kitchen form a complete set, receive fittings of hardware of system and cuisine things, kitchen, cistern, Shui Nuanjie to provide, water equipment; Warm oneself implement, ventilator, illumination luminaries, acoustics, bath bully, hutch defends compositive condole top, water heater, hutch to defend hardware; Whole defends bath, compositive Wei Yu.
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