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2007 China (Shanghai) image of brand of international guesthouse, restaurant and

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2007 China (Shanghai) image of brand of international guesthouse, restaurant

Reach equipment things exhibition

Cloth extends time: 29-30 day exhibited in August 2007 time: On August 31, 2007- - on September 2

Nod showpiece: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 88)

Support an unit: Travel agent of China of guild of Chinese hotel restaurant communicates a center

Sponsor an unit: Chinese business economy learns Shanghai business economy

Research center of economy of business of Shanghai of association of industry of Shanghai China old name

Assist run an unit: Shanghai restaurant hotel communicates association

Undertake unit: Shanghai is elegant brightness Shanghai of exhibition service limited company is exhibited power the exhibition serves limited company

Abroad representative: German heart Nuo is special company of Kang Li group of limited company Italy

Show an area: 23000 square manufacturer: 1200

] exhibit meeting general situation

Hold to receive what world rich met 2010, "2007 China (Shanghai) image of brand of international guesthouse, restaurant and equipment things exhibition " will be in Shanghai on September 2 at coming on August 31, 2007 smooth congress exhibits a center to pull open heavy curtain. This second exhibit during the meeting, domestic and international famous guesthouse, hotel and supplier, purchase business, agent to just will assemble in with demand, make full use of the radiation action of Shanghai center city, the superexcellent business chance that world rich met have the aid of 2010, play international extends the influence that can reach an industry to the market, build exhibit business and client domestic and internationally to negotiate directly face-to-face the platform of communication, make congress is become communication, cooperation is shown between the enterprise representative, roll out new product new technology, negotiate new business and the significant activity that the industry meets, become world rich was met 2010 what facilities of guesthouse, hotel and food food and drink taste is important purchase way and information to collect platform.

] service age rich

What world rich can arrange the job each 2010 is comprehensive spread out, world rich travels year strong already showed stage by stage come out, as with the industry closely related tourism, hotel meal course of study is sure to welcome rare development good opportunity. To deserve to mix guesthouse of class of many 1000 star of Shanghai, restaurant is decorated smoothly. In 3 years of time henceforth, industry of meal of Shanghai restaurant, guesthouse will appear to purchase a height all-timely, year purchase the forehead to will achieve the history new tall. Project of world rich hotel is undertaking quickly in, how to cooperate world rich the success of project of meeting hotel meal, the demand trade that how allows hotel meal understands our enterprise and product, how does ability let join the service supplier system that extends an enterprise to enter meal of world rich hotel, it is the main job content of exposition organizing committee.
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