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2008 dining-room of international of Barcelona of the 14th Spain, hotel and rele

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Extend meeting time: In October 2008 21-25 day

Exhibit meeting site: Montjuic Exhibition Center(Fira De Barcelona)

Exhibit meeting cycle: Two years one

Sponsor an unit: Spanish FIRA DE BARCELONA- FELAC(Federacion Espanola De Asociaciones De Fabricantes De Maquinaria ParaLa Hosteleria, colectividades E Industrias Afines. Colectividades E Industrias Afines..

Network address:

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

International dining-room, hotel and relevant things are exhibited 2006 sponsor by association of Spanish FIRA DE BARCELONA- FELAC, biennially is held, already made one of professional exhibitions of domain of things of European dining-room, hotel now. This year is thirteenth, just meet should exhibit hold 25 anniversary. Exhibited an area to exceed 200460 thousand square metre, ginseng of many 2000 main business is exhibited, recieve professional traveling trader 98, 000 people, abroad audience increased 9% . Exhibit in previous term or session on the meeting, the audience of 35% is a company possessory, the audience of 11% is general manager, the audience of 6% is a selling manager; This a series of data make clear very big one part audience is a policymaker. The faithful sex that audience show comes out also is breathtaking: The audience of 98.9% states they still can attend 2006 exhibit meeting. Exhibited an area to will be achieved 2006 6. 50 thousand square metre. All sorts of conferences and activity can be held during 25 anniversary are celebrated.
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