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2008 exhibition of facilities of meal of French Paris international, hotel

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Equip Hotel

One, show time: On November 15, 2008To 19 days

2, show a location: French Paris

3, exhibit frequency second: Two years

4, content of item on display: The hotel is warm connect establishment; Inn hall reachs interior decoration; Furniture lamp is acted the role of; Dry-clean reachs stoving device; Swim pool and sauna equipment; Wholesome clean is provided; Gymnastical recreation equipment; Galley equipment; Meal household utensils; Food reachs beverage; Establishment and technology serve related other etc

5, Extend meeting scope: (2004)

Area: 42, 000 square metre  Ginseng postpone business: 1, 063 (foreign ginseng postpones business 212, come from 28 countries)  

The person that look around: 11, 4945 people (come from 128 countries)
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