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Buy water heater to should contrast 6 index

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Sorching summer, the sales volume of family expenses water heater not only did not drop, instead sales volume appears ascendant trend. According to salesperson introduction, at ordinary times water heater can sell 3 two one day, the temperature of these two days of Beijing is elevatory, one day can sell 45. Look, water heater market began round of new fight closely again. Water heater burning gas treasure knife is not old, the force with which sth breaks out of electric water heater is roaring, solar energy water heater resembles calf is born to develop the market first only. However specific it buy what kind of water heater is good to buy what kind of water heater, become the issue that makes a few clients tricky however, for this, the reporter undertook interviewing, the hope can give you a few proposals!

Expert clew:

The most expensive may not is best

Still one part consumer compares the water heater with apt high price when buy, think money of “ high price can be bought be at ease ” . Point out about the expert inside course of study, this is error of a consumption.

When buying water heater besides should consider sexual price to compare, decide according to oneself circumstance even. E.g. , will buy according to the area of housing, if the area suits to buy central water heater greatly, can satisfy many people to be used at the same time. The area is small, besides should consider water heater capacity to consider water supply pattern even.  

Water heater of citizen choose and buy does not have a view in the heart

Water heater serves as a kind of family durable model consumable, service life is in commonly 5 to 6 years of above, because the safety of its and person is relevant, it is the care when consumer is bought spends things of very high a kind of domesticity. Be in big in before electric equipment sells the water heater of field bar, the reporter sees a lot of consumer hesitate, the circumstance of the water heater that is aimed at all sorts of brands asks an assistant repeatedly. What be decided consumer finally buy? Ms. Cao that bought 3 water heater says: “ feels the assistant's introduction is about the same, besides the pass a barrier on safety factor, on the exterior a little a bit more good-looking comparison can move my heart. ”

At present the water heater on the market can divide roughly it is 3 kinds: Light gas water heater, report water heater, solar energy water heater. Electric water heater with Er of Alisidu, Smith, sea, beauty, the brand such as Biliji, Shuai Kang is given priority to. Industry of solar energy water heater is burgeoning industry, wait for a brand with sunshine of Huang Ming, Tsinghua relatively famous. Because start earlier, water heater burning gas is to retain the water heater with the largest amount, but from at present market sale state looks, the portion of electric water heater is the largest, take integral market at present 7 into the left and right sides.

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