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The kitchen decorates 3 subtle move

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Door model again small, kitchen also cannot little. Although the small family small kitchen in offers person “ prodigal ” without enough space, but preparation, arrange, deposit still wants reach every aspect of a matter, be short of one cannot. Make in little space had gone out to use good-looking cuisine, let a space look not crowded, let ambry enough individual character, whole feels quite modern, the ground in heart is sufficient have the aid of all sorts of galley equipment, see a new world in order to achieve, content my harmonious effect, true need is moved think.

  Lend dimensional enlarge the space

If want to enlarge the space of the kitchen, can consider to lend a place ” to the dimensional “ all round above all. For example the kitchen to dining-room or on the side inside the balcony, study rent a bit place. If the space allows below the circumstance, can enlarge the kitchen so. Even if is the place that rents to put freezer from the space of another photograph adjacent, also can raise a kitchen so can use a space.

Development receives a space

If the space of the kitchen cannot expand, with respect to the utilization rate that can consider how to raise it inside limited space only. He Zhichao proposal can mix things of a few cuisines electric equipment uses tailor-made cabinet to be placed together. The home appliance of the kitchen is increasing, if an electric equipment takes a place, so original not large kitchen space appears mixed and disorderly for certain. Had better make a cabinet namely so, the kitchen electric equipment that waits for rice cooker of microwave oven, report small uses fore-and-aft space to fold put. Cabinet make it sets upright put one division, each case puts an electric equipment, can vacate more transverse spaces, such kitchens also can neater beautiful.

Place small home appliance additionally

If do not mind to also do not think a trouble, OK also this kind kitchen home appliance looks for an electric rice cooker, microwave oven additionally the place is put, can put in dining-room commonly. Nevertheless the bad part of this kind of method is the thing can appear messier, the whole that affected a building is beautiful degree.

The area of the kitchen is small, rise the dimensional make the most of that can use, such lives are closer also.

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