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The human body engineering in the kitchen

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When ambry of choose and buy, want to note the alternative of material not only, when undertaking the kitchen is designed, still should consider reasonable work flow and design of human body engineering. Reasonable working flow can be when kitchen exercise, maintain a carefree and content state of mind; Measure of comfortable human body engineering can let you adequately experience the warmth that changes to human nature, the operation rises also handy.
It is with clean tableware exemple, customarily, in clean cistern upper part condole ark deposits tableware, if did not press scientific measurement, operating the result that rise is to take put goods very laborious. If press the principle of human body engineering to try to design, the width of broaden cistern, the work station after extended width serves as, reduce the height of condole ark at the same time, just change a bit, can fall working intensity to lowest.
It is in order to cook food exemple, the high design between common work station and condole ark is not quite reasonable, the operation rises, cut off the line of sight, do not take care, still have the risk of meet and discuss. In blending in ambry ably to design when human body engineering, everything differred.
In order to a string of 1 the open means of ark is exemple, condole ark is the main component in ambry, when depositing article, the open means of condole ark, immediate impact is used convenient. Traditional open pattern takes up space, cupboard door is lifted to had gone to the lavatory to use on, also benefit at beautiful.
It is with the analogy of cabinet and big drawer exemple, if we use cabinet storage goods, when fetch, want to open cupboard door, crouch next ability to be able to take article. If use a drawer to store article, pull open a drawer, can see entire article, relaxed fetch. Everything is so relaxed and comfortable, human body engineering is applied mediumly in ambry design, make comfortable life wonderful in the kitchen perform.

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