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Ambry of choose and buy should see detail tripartite face

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Is ambry popular this year what? It is contracted costly still, be classic be still halfback? At present best-selling ambry should belong to contracted style, going up character in material is first selection natural environmental protection, fashion colour colour is given priority to with simple look, it is on hardware fittings what do not take a place is invisible shake handshandle is the most welcome.

In recent years, the kitchen already was satisfied at simple use function not only in the position in household, what become household life character however is direct reflect. In integral kitchen gradually all-pervading today, ambry product from material qualitative, function arrives design, the trend that also having oneself changes. High-tech, new material, new technology and new design concept are updated ceaselessly, overturn.

Although many product exteriors differ not quite, style similar, color is same, but put in very big difference however on immanent quality. Differ besides the select material of ambry outside, the ambry that small plant of a cupboard that also serves as a table that major big plant turns automation line to produce with robot and manual mill type goes with manual production also has great difference on quality. How should consumer choose again? Thank a manager to warn broad customer, the most important is to examine each detail carefully. He introduced 3 respects mainly.

It is the sealing side that should see plank. The sealing side of high grade ambry exquisite, smooth, feel is good, feng Xianping is straight smooth, contact is careful. Major big plant completes sealing side, broken end, long side with machine of linear sealing side, pour the working procedure such as horn, polish, gelatinize is even, press the pressure stability that sticks sealing side, the precision that machines dimension can be moved to the properest place, assure the exactest size. And mill type small plant is to use brush gelatinize, press artificially stick sealing side, knife of the paper that use Bi will decorate a border, move polisher polish with the hand, because pressure is inhomogenous, a lot of places are not firm, still can cause the toxic gas such as formaldehyde to volatilize in air.

2 it is to should see design do manual work. Water side is blocked before the mesa of high grade ambry can design commonly, namely the brim is raised, prevent water to drip downward; In mesa brim lower part, still can have chamfer of a shut-off of water, into channel shape, be equivalent to often covering with tiles the eave of house; Consolidate was added commonly on condole ark, enhance cabinet put oneself in another's position to bearing force, prevent to be out of shape. And the treatment that inferior ambry is deficient in these detail mostly; In addition check even glide whether does course have not smooth or the state that the left and right sides shakes, drawer aperture is even.

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