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Southern monsoon comes, dryer makes clothings more beautiful

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Begin from March, southern much region already counted week of rainfall continuously ceaseless, clothings cannot air also became daily embarrassment. What ask as people living standard and opposite vivid character is ceaseless rise, dryer gets with each passing day the attention of consumer. Regard contemporary white as the parvenu of home appliance, dryer is had convenient, quick wait for an advantage.

Had dryer, washed clothings can be thrown inside, when needing, take wear, and antiseptic function can let the high temperature of dryer what you wear is more healthy, more be at ease.

At present the dryer that go up divides market to be mixed for rolling-type dryer roughly muti_function hang dryer of type warm wind two kinds big. The place that register form is compared character with material simple and easy, service life is briefer. Rolling-type dryer principle basically is used heat tubal drying, air channel gives the technology of wind, service life is longer.

Average household choose and buy with 4.5-5 kilogram most appropriate, and not be all dresses can put in stoving, can bear only the clothings ability of 75 degrees of high temperature puts dryer, the clothings that contains sponge emulsion, balata or silk to pledge cannot put into the drying inside machine; Because the service life of rolling-type dryer is longer, had better want to select product of stainless steel platen so, give birth to embroider in case.

“ actually, the contrast of photograph of choose and buy of dryer is simpler, if had bought a washing machine, so cooperate dryer of a rolling-type can; If had been not bought, suggest the choose and buy brings the platen washing machine of stoving function. On one hand, sexual price is higher, on the other hand, the platen washing machine of unifinication of not little now drying deflection intelligence changes a design, have puissant drying, microtherm drying, standard drying, iron a variety of stoving mode such as drying of very hot type can offer an alternative, reduced the wear intensity to clothings, the customer that so economic condition permits also can consider to buy. ” some home appliance sells the controller of field the proposal.

The dryer with home market at present better sales volume, those who be like the United States, the pine falls and Xi Menzi's dryer all is belonged to heat tubal drying type. What differ with place of brand of both foreign capital is, depend on its particular intelligence beautifully to feel lukewarm stoving technology is OK self-correcting drying time and temperature, more ensure in do not hinder clothing and other articles of daily use while, carbonado the effect that if classics sunshine air is basked in,gives.

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