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Ought not to save do not save

When decorating, save money is admittedly serious, but if saved money,be in a few special places, the job such as the maintenance later may spend more money. For instance a few need often mobile spare parts must consider quality, especially socket, the copperplate inside socket is very important, the copperplate in good electrical outlet will be very smooth. Bad electrical outlet can bring about plastic wire delamination, may bring about short circuit finally, bring needless harm to home appliance thereby. Still have the lever of the curtain, had better be the lever that buys a metal, because the staff time of real wood grew,can be out of shape.

Want careful calculation and strict budgeting only, decorating be economical is mythological no longer.

Be economical strategy

  Law of be economical of 1. ceramic tile

Before decorate, should decorate this clearly predict to use how many years. If plan 5 years to want to be decorated afresh later, so in select material when need not so expensive. Go down to choose ceramic tile in this premise, it is good to not was necessary to choose every square metre the ceramic tile of hundreds of money, the bricky tone of 559 some money is right also, from beautiful go up to also can finish the person's vision to ask, can save so come down many money.

   Law of 2. ambry be economical

Ambry is relatively beautiful money is more respect when decorating.

The ambry in the kitchen is main is to want Yi Qing to wash, strong, in the choice moment basically inspects these a few elements. The market is genteel now of travel is plank or solid board mostly, the characteristic is to assemble simple. But some moment are out of shape easily, and when buying, press namely normally delay rice to calculate price, from 1500 yuan / delay rice to go to 6000 yuan / delay rice to differ. Consider actually environmental protection, durable wait for an element, the methodological —— that can use a convention completely uses bricky step. With station of base of red brick build by laying bricks or stones, ceramic tile is stuck after build by laying bricks or stones is over, mesa upper berth sets bit thicker granite, of 1.5 centimeters of above. And there is blind angle inside such ambry, cockroach can decrease, in use is rinsed with water also not be afraid of bleb. Such one comes down, 4000 multivariate money basically enough, cheaper than buying ambry to want 2000-3000 yuan.
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