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Kitchen utensils and appliances should use energy-saving health

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Recently, around “ ” of especially rich dragon does not stick the disturbance of the product one, let people pay close attention to the security with healthy to human body product of kitchen utensils and appliances once more; Tall all the time house does not leave bottled and gas price, also make the citizen of many careful calculation and strict budgeting in succession shotgun changes prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, change the kitchen home appliance of more energy-saving environmental protection.

The reporter sees in bazaar of a few general merchandise, most popular to sell the kitchen utensils and appliances of the dot home appliance with energy-saving health. Look, ” of revolution of another “ kitchen already sadly arisen. Kitchen utensils and appliances and kitchen electric equipment are mixed to unifinication energy-saving change development, pay attention to more hold alimental nutrition, interest the health at people.

Can decrease ” of oily boiler of “ thin body

The kitchen that fried dish boiler is every family almost is necessary article. The fried dish boiler of the market is given priority to with alloy of cast iron, stainless steel, titanium now, do not contain coating for the most part. The boiler that uses special processing is provided, can accelerate conduct heat speed achieves energy-saving result thereby. Besides energy-saving environmental protection, a few high-grade boiler return accessary and special function.

The reporter sees ” of boiler of thin body of a kind of “ . The boiler face of this kind of boiler uses small surplus meshy design, subtle aperture crisscross, what at first sight resembles pineapple a bit is cortical. When food has boiled a boiler, redundant grease can flow into boiler bottom down boiler face groove, rise to reduce oily effect.

Although this kind of boiler compares price of average fried dish boiler costly many, sales volume is good all the time however. The father of Mr Chen has high blood pressure, hear this kind of boiler can reduce edible fat, buy next filial father and mother with respect to the decision.

[Clear] after arrange is finished, use heat of the rest in boiler, join a few clear water and cleaner, reach the horizontal grain scrub of boiler bottom down boiler face with snake melon cloth please.

After scrub is finished, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, use boiler body and boiler base paper towel to be wiped clean can.

Light-wave microwave is protected fresh

Differ with common microwave oven, furnace of light-wave microwave combination is emission source of a light-wave was added inside antrum of microwave oven furnace, ably benefit consumed wave and microwave undertake integratedly heating to food. When light-wave furnace is working, illuminant, magnetism accuses a canal to be able to be started at the same time. Both can use alone already, can combine again use. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, light-wave furnace is had heat rate is rapid, heat even advantage, can maintain alimental battalion to nurturance is divided and reduce moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year well, return the goal that can achieve disappear poison bacterium.
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