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Faucet cleanness maintains what must notice

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1, ideal clean skill is to use bibcock of clear water full, reoccupy soft cotton cloth wipes all moisture of surface of dry bibcock metal, the meeting after because water is divided,volatilizing is in metal apparently form furring. Wipe gently, do not chafe energetically. With embellish wet sponge and soft skin are wiped, can make bibcock glorious bright beautiful.

2, had better use cleaner of glass of gentle liquid state, or do not contain acid, without abrasiveness milky liquid and completely deliquescent powder, brush smooth agent without attrition sex solution but the film of wide solid range on purify bibcock and deposit, do not use any attrition sex cleaner, cloth or paper cloth, and polishing attrition agent or any cleaner that contain acid, coarse cleaner.

3, after use period of time, if discover quantity giving water to reduce, appear even the phenomenon of water heater flameout, can be in the place of mouth giving water of bibcock to twist guard issueing a sieve gently, cleared impurity, can restore to be like commonly first.