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What should notice when buying a cupboard that also serves as a table?

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More contemporary than choosing ambry 3 times ambry builds “ ability ” a comfortable and clean environment, want to make the “ cabinet room in the home is like hall hall ” , what kind of company should choose to design construction?

1, the connoisseur thinks, choose technical ambry company to design ambry, can design scientific and reasonably. If blindly covet price cheap and choose the company with a few younger actual strength or SOHO, measure a dimension to begin to design casually, often can not design reach the designated position, and defective or those who cause use function to go up is disadvantageous.

2, the manufacturing facilities condition that still should know ambry company, after because be being solved basically,designing an issue, begin to have specific treatment to plank. And plank treatment must undertake with professional equipment, cannot have done otherwise. With respect to the cut that takes board, if not be professional manufacturer uses advanced large major,cut machine has cut, with respect to the collapse opening that can create board, and make the brim not neat; Be opposite respect of ambry sealing side, if do not use sealing side of pressure of machine high temperature, use manual sealing side, although can zip at that time and still can look, but because not be even,exert oneself to do sth. , time grew sealing side to become loose to be met degum, the problem can be created in waterproof respect. Besides uses professional manufacturer to make cabinet, base material and fire prevention board agglutinate is close together, won't bring about mesa because of degum to be out of shape. And the packaging company with a few poorer equipment, its construction assures hard. The problem is installed namely after plank has been machined.

3, hardware assemble very crucial, 1/4 what this wants to hold ambry cost commonly, the hardware of professional ambry company many use an entrance or domestic famous brand, because of hardware stand or fall, affect the quality of ambry directly, the hinge of join closet door and cabinet body, good can use above 50 thousand times and not be out of shape, do not damage, can bear the weight of the weight of the door, make sure the door is not flagging. The pulley below the drawer in ambry criterion push-pull is breathed, the feel when push-pull arranges bone, without sluggish acerbity feeling. Ambry chooses secret Ji " of " way to do sth looks to accompanying leap of city of household building materials in little detail, the manufacturer that produces a cupboard that also serves as a table is increasing, ambry brand is more and more miscellaneous also.

How the ambry with good choose and buy?

Be engaged in the expert that furniture is made and studies more than 20 years, have a few proposal to consumer: Look from big field, want those who see a cupboard that also serves as a table of a complete set of to assemble the effect first. The little gap of ambry wants even, door plank wants flat. Door plank is the face of ambry, the face with the person is euqally important. The door plank that some factories produce because base material and exterior craft processing are undeserved, door plank is easy be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. These one can see.
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