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Kitchen of mom, Baby, slug

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Ambry of old person selected is done less as far as possible turn over the door

The old person chooses ambry, the first kitchen had better not too big. The time that needs inside the kitchen because of the old person is long, we are inside the cabinet must can collect a lot of things. And want to be able to stretch his hand with respect to get at, because of the age with went up certain, affirming an activity to rise is not so agile. So I suggest is us each ambry businessmen change the function of old people must put in, and when designing, all sorts of appliance had better stretch his hand to come. Because the old person is in,the time of the kitchen is longer. The collocation of color must choose to look special warmth, not likely should be bought inside the kitchen very expensive, function must all ready still have, inside old person kitchen, do less as far as possible turn over the door, the ambry condole ark that resembles us commonly is accomplished 700 to 800 millimeter tall, if want to be done,turn over the door, this employs ladder, bench with respect to the old person that needs us, walking next enough the thing above, such is opposite for the old person, it is very adverse. Still suggest everybody is done to opening the door, more practical.

There is a child in the home, handle belt buckles a hand

The mother that I suggest these are young, can be in the child inside the room everywhere wallop when, do not choose shake handshandle, should be to take the grip that buckles a hand, and choose shake handshandle of a few sealing side to do more, not easy knock wears the child. Additionally you can grind mesa a round horn, but the cabinet is not handled, the respect that with respect to need a lot of craft concerns settles this thing, resembled fire prevention board doing abnormity. I suggest or do toward paint respect as far as possible, the likelihood is handled more convenient.

Dawdler ambry recommends Ou Shi fire prevention board

My proposal slug people choose ambry of fire prevention board. Because of present fire prevention board with in those days fire prevention board is different, in those days is to pass a kind of hot lukewarm machine to press bend, present fire prevention board it is particieboard, stick sealing side, look very beautiful, enough also lazy people was used. Say so to dawdler, do not love the person that cook, fire is baked, compare with water little, open glue not easily. I suggest Ou Shi changes style, the first good-looking, the 2nd often do not cook, durable also.