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The besmirch on white floor tile clears how

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Ms. Wu asks: When decorating, white floor tile was used in great quantities in the home, and the white floor tile of kitchen and toilet is polluted the most easily, had tried a lot of kinds of methods cleared besmirch, but the effect is very small, how to want to know to clean the besmirch on white floor tile?

The expert solves: Clear the besmirch of white ceramic tile, can form a reason to make do with different method according to what differ, if touch ferruginous be soiled, can extract Xian Ning Meng juice to drip to be kneaded repeatedly on rubiginous be soiled brush, reoccupy suds is abluent, without the word of Xian Ning Meng, pill of C of usable also vitamin is replaced; If touch soy, vinegar to wait, use clean lavatory spirit decontamination effect is apparent; If ink ooze goes in try try out toothpaste, of toothpaste blanch the effect first-rate; Still have the besmirch of and so on of boiled water, ice-cream, beer, the soda ash solution such as natrium of the oxidation that use hydrogen or bicarbonate Potassium is OK eliminate. Want to notice, steel wire ball is not used when the operation, meet otherwise a cut of ceramic tile face, have besmirch again very unmanageable.