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6 old standards are optimized solve integral kitchen to install program

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Integral kitchen character is mixed besides material outside production, more important is to be being installed, inside the industry think generally, installation achieves 50% above to the influence of character. 6 old standards optimize solve integral kitchen to install program:

1, balance exert oneself: Ambry adjusts a foot must appropriate is adjusted, assure all adjustment horn at the same time smooth touchdown, your cabinet put oneself in another's position achieves balance and security. The structure of cabinet put oneself in another's position that because suffer force to all may be not caused,avoids at the same time becomes loose.

2, horizontal level: When ambry is installed, undertake cabinet put oneself in another's position is assembled when waiting for working procedure with mesa scaleboard, must make sure mesa and ambry whole are in a level locally, daily mesa is operated and satisfy firm sex requirement in order to go to the lavatory.

3, the exterior is unified: In installation of ambry door plank, wait through hinge and strut bar undertake reasonable and after the system is allocated, must ensure each door plank sees be level off in any angle, affect not only because of rugged door plank beautiful, and the service life that can affect door plank hinge to wait.

4, convenient and lubricant: All hardware fittings in ambry, pull the product such as basket, slippery course, the crucial project such as screw span and obstruction must be debugged when installation, make all fittings push-pull slips suitable, use convenient, prolong service life.

5, special make: To get used to different use environment, fine installation should undertake to cabinet put oneself in another's position local strengthen make. Introduce 5 lines waterproof craft, the waterproof, mildew resistance of the edge after handling cistern ark especially can.

6, clean sanitation: Install Ying Wenming construction, before construction, clear good spot; In construction, hold the spot neat; Construction ends should clear in time rectify good spot.

Have so professional and slashing installation level only, ability ensures high quality whole kitchen.