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The kitchen that new clothes repairs lasts have method

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One, of door plank maintain:

Chang Qing is washed, wipe more, often maintain the Gan Shuang of door plank.

Bright side door plank needs to use the clean cloth with fine quality of a material to wipe.

Real wood door plank if the material such as wood of oak, Ju, walnut wood is qualitative, can use furniture water dried meat comes clean, insurable the beauty of colour and lustre of log is long.

Crystal door plank can use mercery of cloth with soft nap to come cleanness is wiped, or in order to do cloth light mop.

Door plank of the lacquer that bake should be used pledge fine clean cloth touchs neuter and clean fluid to brush try, avoid pointed content to lest leave scratch,be contacted.

The behavioral appropriate of switch door plank is additionally deft, door hinge is fixed the use fixed number of year that attends to be able to lengthen kitchen utensils and appliances engine oil. The humidity inside house is exorbitant, need to increase outfit dehumidify chance inside hutch heart, insurable of kitchen utensils and appliances dry lest be out of shape.

2, of kitchen table maintain:

Kitchen table a plant lower part of table of clog park kitchen, the beard inside kitchen table keeps dry, if have moisture content drippy, brush with dry cloth as soon as possible try. The beard inside cistern kitchen table is prevented slack. If have slack appearance, examine slack reason first, if cannot be handled when, want to look for maintenance technician to solve.

3, of condole hutch maintain:

Should not be inside condole hutch set a heavy thing, and should place lighter article, if flavor the content such as coal tub, glass, lest damage kitchen utensils and appliances.

4, of cistern maintain:

Use neuter cleaner, with cotton cloth rinse can.

When stainless steel cistern is like spot having water, can use household cleanser or scrub of snake melon cloth.

Enamel cistern should avoid a bang or intense content lane hurts the surface.

Cistern kitchen table do not seeper, if have the appearance with undesirable catchment, answer to ask maintenance technician to overhaul as soon as possible.