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Opinions vary traditional kitchen of integral kitchen VS

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The kitchen is a grand opera in outfit, also be the part with larger expenses, so the kitchen decorates the central point that also makes people attention. In last few years, people often raises ” of “ whole kitchen this new idea, but after all what is integral kitchen? Is the price of integral kitchen how? Does integral kitchen photograph compare traditional kitchen after all which better? About these problems, purchaser cent thinks for ” of radical group of two cliques ———“ integral kitchen is beautiful, neat, still can more reasonable use a space; “ standpatter ” oppugns the functional sex of integral kitchen however, the kitchen that thinks him collocation comes out more economy is substantial.

Divide almost the same harder than the exterior

The idea of integral kitchen is introduced from Europe, just formed the market in China 1997. Integral kitchen is to point to come to the kitchen as a whole look upon, make its have or have all functions of the kitchen basically: Collect furniture, electric home appliances

” of “ radical group thinks integral kitchen is tonal unified, appearance is concise, exceeded the traditional kitchen that there is an ugly kitchen range burning gas above the sort of table originally far on the exterior. “ standpatter ” thinks the exterior of integral kitchen is too machine-made however, did not individualize, and the beautiful kitchen burning gas on market is very much now, why must be above face plate dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed a hole, go to telescope of kitchen burning gas? Put outside if more facilitate detect and repair.

” of “ radical group advocates neat, vogue, “ standpatter ” goes after individual character, of this one bureau do not have victory or defeat than going all out, no matter whole or tradition, it is good to want his to like only.

More traditional than the price kitchen is more substantial

“ standpatter ” thinks integral kitchen a cupboard that also serves as a table at every turn 89 yuan of a meter prices, very costly, and choose and buy ambry must collocation of choose and buy draws lampblack machine, kitchen range burning gas well, come so, choice space is narrower, cannot buy oneself most gratified sheet to taste. They feel to draw lampblack machine, kitchen range burning gas these things can go completely the home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the country greatly buy, these sell greatly there can be a lot of hitting to fold an activity normally in summer vacation time, can receive a lot of gift. ” of “ radical group thinks however although integral kitchen is a few more expensive than traditional kitchen, because it provided a cupboard that also serves as a table, decorate and electric equipment 3 big need. Though the price compares self-selection to come a few more expensively (divide those who be 3 class roughly according to different material: 1500 yuan - rice, 2000-3000 yuan - 3000 yuan of rice, above - rice) , but the choose and buy rises the save labour when the province, run a shop can do one cycle entirely calm. And integral construction returns cost of can spare time. Additional, traditional kitchen cannot compare the rate with integral comfortable, clean, efficient kitchen. Of course, traditional kitchen is put in definite price advantage really.
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