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The comparison of floor tile and wooden floor

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Floor tile chooses no longer when more and more families are decorating “ now, more choice wood floors. A stylist of ” some company tells a reporter to say. From the point of market current situation, agency of ceramic tile of quite a few concentrates main energy in fair outfit respect, more apt do a project. The near future still has analysis of the personage inside course of study to say, did not come 5 years, floor tile will exit the brunt arena of an outfit, and wooden floor will replace. So can floor tile be far from an outfit really? Floor tile and wooden floor cost are passed below, maintain, environmental protection the contrast of 3 respects, floor or floor tile are bought to have a background to decorating in consumer heart probably.

Than cost: Floor of wood of floor tile prep above

Floor tile price: 150 - square metre of 400 yuan of /

Real wood floor: 150 - square metre of 400 yuan of /

Aggrandizement floor: 100 yuan - square metre of 150 yuan of /

Floor tile shop sticks: Decorate company installation: 35 - square metre of 40 yuan of /

Floor tile carry is excellent in go upstairs carry cost: 3 - every square metre of 5 yuan of / .

Real wood floor installs: Square metre of 25 yuan of / , among them real wood is multilayer if spread moistureproof mat, installation charge needs only 12 - 15 yuan of every square metre.

Aggrandizement floor installs: Manufacturer is responsible for a task unit until it is completed entirely, some play crural line given.

A lot of consumer think wooden floor is more expensive than floor tile much, especially real wood floor. Better floor tile price and price of real wood floor are actually similar, some compare real wood floor even even expensive a few yuan of money are very consummate 100 yuan. Below the circumstance of same price, because floor tile is spread in sticking appear extremely easily damaged phenomenon and the team that free shop sticks nonperformance to do not have professional shop to install even, consumer can oneself look for person shop to stick, expend artificially with the complementary makings such as concrete sand every square metre costs 40 yuan are controlled even, plus go upstairs carry cost, what still cannot eliminate to extend the circumstance of the damaged in sticking a process and individual time in floor tile of course is wasteful. If installation floor is OK,this expenses comes leave out do other used.

The ability after calculating carefully discovers, 300 yuan ceramic tile increases a price on 40 yuan artificial cost, this price can buy the real wood floor that classy material plants one square metre completely, or 3 - the aggrandizement floor of 5 square metre, so in the price equal below the condition, choice wood floor should compare floor tile be to one's profit of course much.
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