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Environmental protection and energy conservation are the major problem that current international society pays close attention to generally, in recent years the country realizes the pressing sex of environmental protection and energy conservation, 16 big reports point out the Communist Party of China: “ walks out of content of a science and technology good, resource uses up tall, economic benefits pollution of low, environment is little, the ” of new-style industrialized way that manpower resource advantage gets be developinged adequately.
After I manage plant of products of health home stainless steel founds from 2004, answer a country all the time the appeal about “ environmental protection and energy conservation ” , devote oneself to to develop environmental protection heart and soul managing model tableware, tableware of stainless steel of health home plate is product of new generation environmental protection, already made the main trend in tableware gradually, favor by popular. Spoon of knife and fork of open field of health home plate assembles:
1) environmental protection, safety is wholesome, hear resistance is tall
2) quality of a material is glossy, beautiful and light reach clean convenient
3) impact resistance is tall, be out of shape not easily
4) thermal conductivity is slow, easily the hand touchs the lip is contacted
5) the sex that fight flavour is tall, the flavour of thing of not easy remain
6) wear is long, can repeat for a long time use
Wait for a lot of advantage, can says not to become rusty the example in firm tableware. And breed is all ready, price privilege, the product sells as far as to Euramerican, southeast Asia and countrywide each district, trust by broad businessman. True-blue welcome incoming telegram seeks advice negotiate, come appearance is ordered do. Your satisfaction is our pursuit

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