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Supply dinner service of high-grade bone china, whole set hotel uses porcelain

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We are business of production of porcelain of Tang Shan bone
Major produces porcelain of bone porcelain daily expense, hotel porcelain, gift porcelain
It is the good choice of benefit of enterprise grow stout, give sb a present
If you have the demand of this respect we can cooperate
Oneself run in Beijing china business, client group is rich, demand range is wide. If manufacturer home wants to develop the market in Beijing, can consider to cooperate. Connect a telephone call: E-mail of 13126687002 king manager: business QQ: 6933138
Limited company of trade of Lei Aona of area of Suzhou industry garden
Mr Lin gentleman (manager)
Mobile phone: 013771769964
Phone: 0512 - 67164020
Fax: 0512 - 67251295
Postcode: 215021
Address: Area of garden of Jiangsu Suzhou industry waves all the way 1-103 of green city garden
Network address: Http://