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Supply tableware to disinfect ark

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Factory of ark of disinfection of Dongguan city industry is a major pursues equipment of kitchen utensils and appliances of kitchen of whole set of unit of kitchen dining room, school, factory, company, design, make, installation, safeguard reach furnace of ark of the kitchen utensils and appliances that maintain, disinfection, hot water to produce a business company.
Specialize in:
Equipment of air conditioning of bucket of alexipharmic ark, evaporate meal ark, heat preservation, blimp, environmental protection
Purifying device of oven of oven of hot water furnace, report, purifier, report, black smoke, lampblack

Dongguan city industry disinfects ark factory
Mr Xu Sheng (business)
Mobile phone: 013926839578
Phone: 0769 - 87159905
Fax: 0769 - 87786649
Postcode: 523628
Address: Industrial district of river of gold of abundant of abundant of head of Guangdong Dongguan camphorwood
Network address: Http://

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